Olga Tsarevska Lomax

Olga Tsarevska Lomax is a Fine Artist working in several genres from traditional to contemporary modern art.

She trained in the academic school of the classical realism of the old masters in the traditional and private atelier system as well as studying modern contemporary art.

“I like experimenting with style and technique that help to discover a lot of different facets of emotion and feeling. I find my inspiration by traveling and visiting a lot of different places, cultures and meeting interesting people from all over the world. I like to paint emotions and mood through my art, which truly connect with other people”.

Olga’s work truly reflects her own vision of form and conceptualization of the beauty of the world. Her painting is a form of expression that allows the bearing of her soul in visual language. This requires courage, honesty and determination.

Her ability to reach a harmonic balance of colour and form makes us work at understanding and interpreting our own personal response.

Her works include, portraits, figurative art, landscapes, cityscapes and still life. She exhibits them at various venues, using a variety of media, including oils, watercolors, pastels and other media.

Exhibitions: Solo and group exhibitions are displayed in a variety of galleries in England and abroad. Her work is also in private collections in Holland, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and here in the UK.