Mick & Keith


Two for the price of one! Two legendary musicians on one canvas. Ben Riley has produced one of my favourite artworks here. Their smiles and laughed are so captivating, you simply can not smile when looking at this artwork. Imagine waking up everyday and seeing these pair smiling & laughing. It’ll sure make for a happy home, or work place depending on where you choose to hang this beautiful piece of art.

As with all of Ben Riley’s artwork, this is an original masterpiece, one of its kind. Created using vinyl records and only vinyl records. Some larger pieces snapped, some pieces ground down to exact sizes and the smaller again pieces ground down to dust and filtered onto the canvas. Can you actually believe an incredible portrait like this can be created using only vinyl records and glue? Truly breathe taking!

The size of this artwork is 102cm x 77cm and would make a great feature piece. Maybe hang it in your workplace to create a happy, productive atmosphere. Or hang it in your home and watch it spread joy and laughter throughout.

Silver Star Gallery are happy to offer you free delivery on this stunning piece of art. Anywhere you are in the world, don’t worry, we’ll get this beauty to you at no added cost. You are very welcome.

Please get in touch if you any questions at all at the artwork or deliver etc. We are happy to help.

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