Wax Cataclysm Of Phoenixes And Unphoenixes


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Wax Cataclysm Of Phoenixes And Unphoenixes 

Oil on  Panel. sold framed. 23cm x 33cm. Another of Mark Sheeky’s surrealist works. A painting about mortality and immortality, death and rebirth. We see figures made of wax, but they are burning like candles, so this paintings first asks us, what must it feel like to be a candle, lit and burning away?

This feeling is the essence of our mortality, and this simple idea forms the heart of this masterful examination of life and death.

The painting starts with an egg on the left, birth, and dancing figures of youth. In the centre a bird, worried and melting, yet this is a phoenix, a bird of rebirth. Outlines of a skull indicate the worry is about death, re-enforcing the theme, yet as we more right, the mood becomes more resigned and calm, ending with a single tiny candle, this time lit calmly and quietly upright.

Two worried eyes transform into a profile of thoughtfulness. The phoenix appears again, but now as rock, more solid and confident. The tiny candle appears where the mind should be, and there lies a final peace and understanding.