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Alejandro Romei

Alejandro Romei was born in Montevideo, Uruguay into a family that was always related to the art world. He started his passion for art with his grandfather, an arts professor and artist who gave him his first steps in the world of art. Later in life, continuing that artistic interest, he studied Interior Design in Uruguay and pursued a career in property marketing between Uruguay and the UK.

In his free time, he managed to create a collection of paintings that show his interest for the use of colours, technics and different ways of studying the human and animal body.

After a few years away from the brush, he has come back to his passion with a particular interest in expressing his loyalty to it through the dog theme, the icon of loyalty. To do so he has based his technique on creating canine figures with coloured geometrical shapes in 2 and 3 dimensions with surreal, figurative and abstract backgrounds.

He has always been very interested and fond of the art movements of cubism, constructivism and surrealism inspired by his admiration for Uruguayan maestros such as Joaquin Torres Garcia, as well as international masters such as Pablo Picasso.

In his work, he has merged these three movements whilst always being loyal to his Latin-American essence by focusing on the use of colour as a mean of brightening his art as well as adding a humorous and playful touch that brings out part of his fun personality.


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