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Ian Lord

Over his lifetime, Ian has explored a variety of artistic mediums. When he was a student in the 1970’s, he studied Sculpture & Printmaking. Currently he works on a small format, creating mixed-media artworks, some of which are set in deep-box frames. They’re sculptural bas-reliefs, using a wide variety of materials. Ian is a representational artist, working within the figurative tradition, albeit approached from an unusual perspective.

Ian believes that all artists are influenced, both directly and indirectly by their environment, experiences and cultural milieu. Probably the most direct artistic source is Surrealism.

There are other influences at work however, some of which he finds difficult to rationalise and articulate – ‘When you reach a certain age, you become more aware of your mortality and the transitory nature of life. Many of my assemblages are personal, reflective pieces dealing with these themes. I also have a mordant and subversive sense of humour which I hope is evident in some of the pieces. The Joker, the Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Spades. Fate, love and death, the triad of forces that govern, manipulate and shape our lives. These are the inspiration for my art. I see the role of the artist as that of magician and shaman, entertainer and spiritual healer, there to distract us briefly from ourselves, and perhaps open windows to unfamiliar worlds.’


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