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Janice Lazzarich

Janice Lazzarich, based in the North West of England, has spent the last 17 years illustrating books and creating her colourful, impressionistic style of oil painting.

Having been born in Africa, she has travelled and hiked extensively in the African Bush with its wildlife and stunning scenery. This atmosphere and drama can been seen and felt in all her work.

Janice favours the more figurative imagery of portraiture, wildlife and birdlife. She always tries to paint from life, where possible, as she feels the emotion of the person or the esscence of a place when confronted with the reality. Inspired by abstract work which comes across with her use of bold brushwork and has a fascination of colour within still life.

Currently she has exhibitions all over the uk and her work resides in private collections in the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa.


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