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Nigel Littler

From the Wirral, Nigel was lucky enough to be tutored by Madelaine Daly, a well respected portrait and still life artist.

“I attended Laird School of art and design where I worked with a range of mediums, photography and ceramics, before I settled on a course in Graphic and advertising design. I found this very rigid and restricting and finally decided to give it up to pursue other avenues.

I prefered to express myself with images, and my subject matter is wide and varied, taking inspiration from what I feel or see or even giving myself challenges with subjects I have not previously attempted.

My current work is an ongoing theme based on endangered animals, a subject that I am passionate about.

All these prints are produced from my original artwork using a ‘Giclee’ (digital inkjet printing) process on a high grade cotton paper.


Silver Star Gallery
4 Godstall Lane
United Kingdom



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