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Olga Tsarevska Lomax

Olga Tsareveska Lomax is a fine artist who works in several different genres ranging from traditional through to modern slyles of art.

She trained in the ‘classical realism’ school of thought, following in the footsteps of the Old Masters. This highly academic form of education incorporates working in a system of private ateliers learning from experts in their field.  Lomax also took time to study the world of modern and contemporary art.

Lomax’s work reflects her own vision of the concept of beauty in this world.

The artist sees her work as a valuable form of self-expression, requiring courage, honesty and determination. She bravely bears her soul through her own visual language.

“I like experimenting with style and technique that help to discover a lot of different facets of emotion and feeling. I find my inspiration by traveling and visiting a lot of different places, cultures and meeting interesting people from all over the world. I like to paint emotions and mood through my art, which truly connect with other people”.

Her subjects include portraits, land and cityscapes and still life, which are expertly depicted in oils, watercolours, pastels and other media.

Lomax enjoys a degree of success in her solo and group exhibitions both in the UK and internationally and her work is held in private collections in The Netherlands, The USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, as well as here in the UK.